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Get an Edge on Your Job Search: How to Use Social Media on Your Hunt

Social media isn’t just for socializing. About 80 percent of organizations use it for recruiting, according to Glassdoor — and this includes job postings, researching prospective hires and recruiting qualified candidates.

Here are some tips on how to use social media in your job search:

 1: Tell people you’re looking for a new job

Letting your contacts know you’re looking is like hiring a staff to help you do your job hunting. People can pass opportunities along to you — and tag things mentioned in their own network. Sometimes people know about a position even before it’s advertised, which can give you an edge. Make sure you include a link to your resume or your LinkedIn profile, and that your post is public so it can be shared.

2: Follow the hashtags

Start engaging in conversations on social media like Twitter, a terrific place to network. Find and follow people in your field and comment on their posts. You can also look at hashtags about general job hunting such as #careerchat or #jobhuntchat. Some companies advertise job openings on social media. Look for hashtags such as #NowHiring, #Hiring and #JobOpening.

3: Create a positive online presence

Google yourself. Are you happy with what comes up? If not, see what you can get removed by contacting the websites posting the information. You can also add to your online footprint by joining social media sites such as LinkedIn, which ranks well in searches.

Want more advice? Hofstra University Continuing Education offers “Using Social Media in Your Job Hunt,” a two-hour informative class twice a year.