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Attend an Online Event in April

Due to social distancing guidelines related to the coronavirus pandemic, Hofstra is among the colleges and universities across the nation that have gone virtual, moving classes and events online. Below are some virtual events the University will be hosting this spring. The event calendar is constantly being updated with new events, so for a full list, please visit

April 7 @ 1pm – NPHW 2020: Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Public Health webinar

Panelists will discuss the dynamics and importance of public health services, why entrepreneurship within the industry is growing, and where the field is heading as we step into a new decade.

April 8 @ 11:30am – COVID-19: The ‘Extended Hurricane’ Impact on the U.S. Retail Supply Chain

We have all seen the run on certain products in stores whenever there is a forecast for a major hurricane or other weather event. This pandemic has caused a more widespread disruption in product availability across a much broader set of products. Could the U.S. supply chain and retailers have done better? What will the future look like for these businesses in the post-pandemic era? Presented by Dr. Kaushik Sengupta, Professor of Management and Entrepreneurship and Associate Dean of Graduate Education at the Frank G. Zarb School of Business.

April 8 @ 3pm – In Charles Darwin’s Footsteps: Hofstra Students in the Galapagos Islands and Ecuador

In January 2020, 13 students and two Hofstra faculty journeyed to the Galapagos Islands, the Ecuadorian Amazon, and the cloud forests of the Andes to learn about geology, ecology, and evolution through the lens of Charles Darwin’s own journey around the world on the H.M.S Beagle. Join Dr. Bret Bennington of the Department of Geology, Environment, and Sustainability for a photographic and video tour of this amazing experience.

April 8 @ 6pm – NPHW 2020: Delta Omega Public Health Career Panel Virtual Event

Join a panel of six working professionals who will discuss emerging career opportunities in a variety of public health settings.  

April 10 @ 10:30am – Safe at Home? Cybersecurity and Coronavirus

As the COVID-19 global pandemic forces millions of Americans to move their personal and professional lives almost entirely online, what are the cybersecurity implications of this massive migration to distance learning and working from home? 

Join seasoned cybersecurity expert Scott Jeffreys, Special Associate Professor of Computer Science at Hofstra University, to discuss these new challenges and how you can protect yourself.

April 14 @ 9:30am – Extreme Weather on Long Island

Please join Dr. Jase Bernhardt, Assistant Professor in the Department of Geology, Environment and Sustainability in Hofstra University, as he discusses local weather hazards such as winter storms, tropical cyclones, and thunderstorms, including a preview of the 2020 hurricane season.

April 14 @ 7:30pm –  What Is Public Relations? A Primer on One of the World’s Oldest Professions

Join Professor Jeffrey Morosoff, Associate Professor of Journalism, Media Studies, and Public Relations, as he examines how PR people use effective communication skills — and the media — to reach audiences with informative and (hopefully) positive messages.

April 15 @ 3pm – Turtles in Trouble: Hofstra University Team Uncovers Secrets of Local Wildlife Populations

For the last 20 years Hofstra University biologists have been studying diamondback terrapins in nearby Jamaica Bay – join as Dr. Russell Burke, Professor of Biology, reveals some secrets of our local wildlife.

April 15 @ 5pm – The State of H.O.P.E. (Healthcare Opportunities and Policy Exchange) presents Closing the Gap on Health Emergencies

This panel discussion, facilitated by Hon. Kemp Hannon, will feature speakers with expertise in the government, academic, and private sectors and their specific roles during a public health emergency.

April 16 @ 10:30am – Reputation and Crisis Management with Dr. Kara Alaimo

Join us to learn more about key principles of reputation and crisis management in a Zoom session with Dr. Kara Alaimo, associate professor of public relations at Hofstra University, and Professor Ivan Cardona, director of Hofstra’s Master of Arts in Public Relations program.

April 16 @ 4:30pm – Virtual Exhibition Reception for Nevertheless She Persisted

Join Karen T. Albert, Acting Director and Chief Curator, Kristen Rudy, Associate Curator and Collections Manager, and Martha Hollander, Professor of Art History, Hofstra University, for a virtual look at the exhibition and discussion about the exhibition.

April 17 @ 12pm – NPHW: Birth Equity Concerns during the COVID-19 Pandemic

This virtual panel discussion will analyze the challenges COVID-19 has placed on maintaining birth equity, including the impact of physical isolation and scarcity of healthcare resources on women during pregnancy, childbirth, and the postpartum period.

April 20 @ 3pm – Hidden Chemistry from the Apollo 11 Mission

Please join Professor Sabrina Sobel from Hofstra University’s chemistry department as she discusses how chemistry was involved in the making of the Apollo missions.

April 21 @ 4:30 pm – NPHW 2020: Aging Café Virtual Event

Engage in conversations and interactive activities that address health aging.

April 21 @ 6:30 pm – Ascend Long Island Presents: Sustainability During the Covid-19 Pandemic: ‘Crisis Management Strategies For Small Businesses’

The Ascend Long Island program proudly presents a free Zoom series in April for diverse businesses.  The four-part series of workshops is designed to provide sustainable information and resources on maintaining and thriving during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

April 21 @ 7 pm – Virtual Tour of Russian Poetry with Benjamin Rifkin

In this hour-long presentation, Dr. Rifkin will introduce works by the greatest Russian poets of the 19th, 20th, and even the 21st century and read them in Russian so you can hear the rhythm and rhyme of each poem, while at the same time you’ll be able to read the line-by-line translation of each poem.  

April 21 @ 7:30 pm – ‘The Human Element’ screening and discussion

James Balog, who initiated the Extreme Ice Survey, has created a new (2018) film called “The Human Element.” In it, he explores Earth, Fire, Water, Air, and the fifth element of our planet- humans. He says, “There is such a thing as truth. I’m trying to find it, and one way or another, reveal it through the images.” As a kick-off to Earth day, you can receive a code to watch the film online during the day, and then attend a 7:30pm discussion online with Dr. E. Christa Farmer, a Professor in the Hofstra University Geology, Environment, and Sustainability Department. How will we adapt to future climate change? The most important element is “The Human Element.”

April 22 @ 11:30 am – Young Women in Business-Virtual Panel Discussion Featuring Zarb Alumni

A virtual panel discussion featuring Hofstra alumni: Colleen Beirne, Product Management Specialist, U.S. Beauty and Footwear at The NPD Group; Nicole Chaplin, Manager, Sports and Entertainment Sales at The Madison Square Garden Company; Allison Roye, Private Bank Analyst at J.P. Morgan Chase & Co.

April 22 @ 3pm – Kubrick’s Double-edged View of Technology and the Future

In his “trilogy” of science-fiction films–Dr. StrangeloveA Clockwork Orange, and 2001: A Space Odyssey–Stanley Kubrick offers three competing views of the future and our relationship to technology, ranging from dire warnings to more hopeful visions. This discussion ultimately will focus on 2001 as both a cautionary tale about the over-reliance on technology as well as an optimistic musing on the potentially transcendent future of humanity. A discussion by Rodney Hill, Associate Professor of Radio, Television and Sound from Hofstra University.

April 22 @ 7pm – Understanding Viruses: Coronaviruses, Influenza, and other viral pathogens

Join Carol St. Angelo and Nathan Rigel from Hofstra University’s Biology department for a presentation that will introduce non-experts to the world of viruses. Topics covered will include how different viruses infect human cells and replicate once they are inside, as well as how the immune system defends against viral attacks.

April 23 @ 3pm – Climate Change on Long Island

Please join Dr. Jase Bernhardt, Assistant Professor in the Department of Geology, Environment and Sustainability in Hofstra University, as he discusses how global climate change is expected to influence future weather patterns and our natural environment on Long Island.

April 23 @ 4:30pm – NPHW: Grand Annual Audiology Debate: Pros and Cons of Tele-Audiology

This student-led debate will explore both sides of tele-health, the use of technology to diagnose and sometimes treat health conditions remotely, which has grown in popularity in recent years among both professionals and patients

April 24 @ 11am – Human Nature: Why We Are The Way We Are 

Join Professor of Psychology William Sanderson from Hofstra University for a lecture that will focus on defining what is human nature (that is, why are we the way we are) and why did it develop the way it did? 

April 25 @ 7pm – Anna Karenina & Chill

Join us for a screening of Joe Wright’s Anna Karenina (2012) starring Keira Knightley, with a screenplay by playwright Tom Stoppard. Anna Karenina & Chill, a virtual Netflix viewing and discussion with Dean Rifkin is presented by Hofstra Honors College with Special Guests Dean Frisina, Elizabeth Horishny, Audra Nemirow, and Gillian Greene.

April 28 @ 3pm – Xi Jinping and the Chinese Communist Party: Questions of Legitimacy after Covid-19

Not since Mao Zedong has a Chinese leader been so closely tied to Communist Party legitimacy. Xi Jinping has staked his reputation and, by extension that of his Party, on competent and effective leadership. In this talk he will discuss how China’s COVID-19 outbreak is impacting Xi’s stature and the ramifications for Communist Party legitimacy to rule.

April 29 @ 8:30am – Ascend Long Island Presents: Sustainability During the Covid-19 Pandemic: ‘Marketing in Time of Uncertainty & Beyond’

The Ascend Long Island program proudly presents a free Zoom series in April for diverse businesses.  The four-part series of workshops is designed to provide sustainable information and resources on maintaining and thriving during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

April 29 @ 3pm – Kubrick’s Legacy: The Films of Joel and Ethan Coen 

As commercially successful filmmakers who nonetheless have managed to create cinematic works of art across various genres, with consistent aesthetic and philosophical leanings, Joel and Ethan Coen stand today as perhaps the clearest heirs to Stanley Kubrick’s cinematic legacy. Potential films to be discussed include Raising ArizonaFargoNo Country for Old MenA Serious ManThe KillingDr. StrangeloveA Clockwork OrangeLolita, and 2001: A Space Odyssey. A discussion by Rodney Hill,Associate Professor of Radio, Television and Sound from Hofstra University.

April 30 @ 1pm – Journalism During a Global Pandemic with Professor Christopher Vaccaro

How can journalism impact society during a global crisis such as COVID-19? What are the responsibilities of reporters and the challenges they face during such a pandemic? Join us for a webinar to learn more about key principles of reporting and journalism with professor Christopher Vaccaro, adjunct assistant professor in the Department of Journalism, Media Studies, and Public Relations, and director of the MA in Journalism at Hofstra University. 

April 30 @ 3:30pm – Transition to Online Teaching: How to Engage Students and Anticipate Challenges

In this webinar, Dr. Rebecca Natow, Assistant Professor of Educational Leadership and Policy at Hofstra University, will share tips for keeping students engaged in an online class. Additionally, Dr. Natow will share findings from research on challenges online instructors have faced with the use of technology in educational settings. This webinar will provide advice for engaging students and anticipating challenges in online classes and will include an interactive component for attendees to ask questions and share their own experiences of effective practices and unanticipated challenges with online teaching.

April 30 @ 4pm – !Women Art Revolution Film Screening and Discussion

Through intimate interviews, art, and rarely seen archival film and video footage, !Women Art Revolution reveals how the Feminist Art Movement fused free speech and politics into an art that radically transformed the art and culture of our times. Watch the film at your convenience prior to 4pm on April 30th and then join us for a discussion lead by Kristen Rudy, Associate Curator and Collections Manager, and Adjunct Professor of Art History Susan Schafer.


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