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How much can I make if I get my MBA?

When you start an MBA program, you want to know that your investment will pay off.

The answer depends on a number of factors — from your industry to the region in which your work. It also depends on the connections you make while in school. 

Professionals with leadership and management skills — and who also know the laws, regulations, and expectations associated with business and finance — are in high demand. And that means MBA graduates can go on to have careers in industries as diverse as healthcare, marketing, and entertainment.

Just ask Frank G. Zarb School of Business graduate Steve Bartels. As the former CEO of Island Def Jam Music Group, Bartels oversaw the production of countless records from a myriad of artists. 

“I feel like Hofstra really prepared me for to talk to and be with anybody,” Bartels said about his experience at Hofstra University’s Zarb School of Business. “You can deal with country, rock, hip hop, and classical artists, and it’s about finding a way to communicate and to build that relationship.” The lessons Bartel learned at the Zarb School helped him lead in a creative field — and that’s precisely what makes MBA graduates so valuable to a wide variety of industries.

Employment Rates and Wages

Businesses are willing to pay a premium for employees who have graduated from an MBA program. The specialized skills help you navigate financial or corporate challenges, as well as build relationships and communicate effectively.

That makes an MBA one of the hottest degrees you can get. What can a Hofstra MBA do for your career?

  • 82% of students who earned a graduate degree from the Zarb School of Business in 2016-2017 report they are employed. 
  • 99% of those employed students were offered a job within six months of graduation
  • The median annual salary for all students who earned a graduate degree from the Zarb School of Business in 2016-17 was $68,000. But this only tells part of the story. Depending on the specific program, the median salary for some 2016-17 Zarb graduates is as much as $118,000-a-year. 

Also, keep in mind that annual salary is often just part of a total compensation package, with bonuses and other payments adding to your take-home pay.  And graduates who find employment in high-demand fields (such as health care) can expect a significantly higher salaries. For example:

  • 2016-2017 Zarb School MBA graduates with degrees in Strategic Healthcare Management reported a median starting salary of $118,000. 
  • 2016-2017 Zarb School MBA graduates with degrees in Health Services Management reported a median starting salary of $90,000.

The Zarb School of Business at Hofstra University is designed around the fact that not all MBAs require the same approach. Zarb School students are able to tailor their education for the field–and for the type of work–they are interested in. 

Course work at the Frank G. Zarb School of Business is designed to be challenging, rigorous, and relevant. The MBA curriculum at Hofstra is also designed to help you build relationships that will last a lifetime. By the time you graduate, you will have all of the business knowledge you need to be successful; but you will also be a better leader and a better communicator.

That’s a combination that businesses around the globe are willing to pay for, which means your investment in yourself will yield significant dividends.

So take the first step to advancing your career – get more information  about Hofstra’s Frank G. Zarb School of Business and its MBA programs.