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A Letter From President Stuart Rabinowitz

President Rabinowitz
President Rabinowitz

Dear Friends,

This has been quite a year for Hofstra University. Almost exactly 12 months ago, the international spotlight was trained on our campus as we hosted the first presidential debate of the 2016 election cycle.

The debate experience had an enduring impact on our campus community, serving as a powerful reminder that democracy is fueled by civic engagement and civil discourse. Our students set an example for the entire nation on Debate Day, which the Hofstra Magazine celebrates in its pages.

And that historic day was only the beginning.

This year saw Hofstra break new ground on several important projects, from a new building for the Frank G. Zarb School of Business to a new Deportation Defense Clinic at the Maurice A. Deane School of Law to represent Long Island immigrants facing deportation.

This issue of the magazine also highlights the contributions of our faculty, students and alumni – with stories of ingenuity, determination and spirit that will make you proud to be a member of the Pride.

You will read about three homesick soccer players who turned their yearning for foods from their native countries into a winning business idea at this year’s Hofstra-Digital Remedy Venture Challenge.

You’ll meet our three new deans –  Benjamin Rifkin at Hofstra College of Liberal Arts and Sciences,
Holly Seirup at the School of Health Professions and Human Services, and Judge A. Gail Prudenti at the Deane School of Law.

Our cover story recounts the rich history of Hofstra’s Shakespeare Festival and takes you inside the meticulous research of Drama Professor David Henderson, who led the project to renovate Hofstra’s replica of the Bard’s Globe Theatre stage, which debuted this spring with a performance of Hamlet.

This magazine also chronicles how Annik Spencer ’14 chose to share her battle with cancer as part of her commitment to Hofstra’s Relay For Life campaign, and the sense of purpose that drives Johns Hopkins Medicine administrator Darren Brownlee ’09, ’12, one of this year’s Young Alumni Award honorees.

And you will read with wonder about Hebah Uddin ’17, who published her first novel – a young adult fantasy with a Muslim American heroine – before she even graduated.

This magazine is full of stories that reflect who we are: a community that embraces diversity, celebrates creativity, and shares the fundamental values of service and scholarship, pride and purpose. Hofstra will always be your home, and we encourage you to visit and reconnect with your university family.

Stuart Rabinowitz
President, Hofstra University

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