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Lecture Tonight: Writer Nathan Schneider on God and Proof

Oct 9 • Academics, Community, Liberal Arts, ReligionComments Off on Lecture Tonight: Writer Nathan Schneider on God and Proof

Nathan Schneider, author of Thank You Anarchy: Notes from the Occupy Apocalypse and God in Proof, met with more than two dozen students and faculty this morning in Hofstra Hall to discuss his work as an activist and journalist.

“It is exciting to have young, up-and-coming writers here at Hofstra,” said Ann Burlein, chair of the Department of Religion. “Nathan edits Killing the Buddha [an online magazine of religion, culture and politics] and speaks to what I see as the new religious landscape. No longer is religion about churches and conservatism, but it is now more about the spiritual, and Nathan hits that exact point in his work.”  Schneider also edits the blog, which reports on resistance movements around the world.

Join Nathan Schneider tonight as he discusses “What Proofs About God Really Prove,” part of the Department of Religion’s Critical Spiritualities Lecture Series, at 6 p.m. in the Helene Fortunoff Theater, located in Monroe Lecture Center.

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